Would you like to learn how to use your camera properly?

Then read on! So many people have got DSLR camera’s that are fully capable of taking great photos, but they just lack the knowledge of how to use them.

Walk with me around London and I’ll show you how to master your camera. The best way to learn photography is by doing, so we’ll shoot non-stop, embedding what you learn into your head for the future.

Walking and shooting around central London I can cover everything from the basics through to more advanced techniques:

  • Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO settings

  • Composition techniques

  • The mode dial - and shooting in Manual Mode

  • Slow Shutter Photography (light trails & long daytime exposures)

  • Low Light Photography

  • Using a Tripod

  • Choosing and using Lenses

  • The best way to Focus a shot

  • Looking after your Camera Kit

  • Social Media marketing and ‘Instagram Photography’

Here’s a breakdown of the standard packages I offer. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss other options. I can be very flexible and tailor a price to suit your need!

Half Day (3 Hour) 1-to-1 Workshop - £150

  • Depending on your current knowledge level, we’ll start by running over the basic ways to manipulate light into your camera

  • We’ll move around various locations in London, putting into practice the above basic and advanced techniques

  • Composition is a key element to the sessions, looking at how to frame your shots to make each subject really stand out

  • During the session we’ll cover slow shutter techniques that can bring a defined sense of action or tranquility to your photos

  • More information below

Full Day (6 Hour) 1-to-1 Workshop - £290

  • We’ll cover the above and more, with the extended hours allowing for a lot more time to learn the techniques. Three hours can seem rather rushed with lots of information to take in, so this can give a much more balanced and helpful session for you going forward.

  • More information below

Editing (2 Hour) 1-to-1 Workshop - £100

Computer Editing can play a large part in photography, and I’ve got a very experienced background in using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (10+ years) in a professional setting

Utilising this knowledge we’ll sit down and cover the many ways you can edit your photos using the above programmes - Do bring your own laptop to make the most of this process.

Editing techniques can include:

  • Shooting in RAW/JPEG

  • Exposure setting changes and light alterations

  • Temperature and Colour Manipulation

  • Mastering Tone Curves and bringing in contrast

  • Split Toning

  • Adding Detail / Removing Noise

  • Perspective Transformations

  • Cropping to get the best compositions

  • Applying Filters and atmosphere to photos

  • Spot Removal and cloning

  • Advanced Photoshop work, from masking to removing people/distractions in photos

More information below

Tower Trails

Further Information

  • We’ll take a variety of photos over the course of the workshop - feel free to suggest techniques you’d like to learn, or shots of mine you’d like to mirror

  • All travelling around locations count as part of the allocated time-frame. We’d be walking around with the odd break to sit and discuss techniques. If further travel is requested, public transport for myself will be included in the above price.

  • I’m happy to agree particular locations that you’ll like to shoot in. Usually I run workshops around Southbank, St Pauls, London Bridge, Bank, but I’m open to anywhere if there’s places you have in mind.

  • The Editing workshop can be based centrally in a location that suits you well, such as a cafe or workplace.

Fees and Cancellation Policy

  • A £30 non-refundable deposit is to be paid in advance to secure the workshop. The deposit counts towards the overall shoot price and can be paid via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

  • Full payment is to be made in advance of, or on the day of, the workshop.

  • 48 hours notice is to be given if you wish to cancel or postone the agreed workshop date. If full payment has already been made then it will be returned minus the non-refundable deposit amount. Any non-refundable travel costs or specialist equipment bought for the shoot will be charged to you in the event of a cancellation.

A massive thank you @chrisjdalton for a great shooting session. Inspiring, informative & hands on learning was spot on! You were definitely patient with me 😁 Lots of respect to an amazing photographer
— @natmarie_1080
Great day shooting with @chrisjdalton around London yesterday. Thank you for your time - I learnt a lot of really useful photography skills that I can’t wait to practice with!
— @edwardp10