Chris Dalton is a Photographer and Architect based in London.

He has always been a creative person whether it’s playing Sax and Piano or designing buildings. Working as a professional Architect in London, Chris specialises in designing large-scale developments in the city, award-winning housing, and has even designed two bridges for the London Olympic Park.

A self-taught Photographer, Chris has brought his technical & artistic background into the photographic realm. Amassing over 16,500 followers on Instagram (@chrisjdalton) his photographs bring viewers a unique and fresh perspective on cities. He has gained acclamation from organisations such as Visit London, TimeOut Magazine, Secret London, Metro and The Evening Standard; and was recently chosen as one of Transport for London’s favourite Instagrammers.

Taking on board his thorough knowledge of London, Chris also spends a significant amount of time photographing people around the capital. His portrait account (@chrisjdalton.shoots) highlights the range of styles and variety of people he works with.

If you’re keen to work with Chris then do get in touch! Please either fill out the form below or use one of the contact details listed. He’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Mobile: +44 7403264617

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